• John was sworn in on the first day of spring, March 21, 2011.   

  • John D'Amico is committed to working to bring quality businesses and jobs back to West Hollywood. 

  • John and his husband Keith registered as domestic partners at West Hollywood City Hall in 1992 and were married in August of 2008. They live with their two dogs, Cody and Dodger.

  • The whole city celebrated PRIDE in June.  And John and Keith were no exception.  On the red carpet in the red car launching confetti fun.

  • A proven leader, John D'Amico wants to know how you think about West Hollywood and how together we can move the city forward.  

  • Kean O'Brien's "I Use Male Pronouns" wall painting 2/1/12 - unveiling in John D'Amico's Council office.

  • John D'Amico will fight to improve and expand the supply of affordable housing in our City.

  • On September 19th 2011 the City Council of West Hollywood passed a historic ordinance prohibiting the sale of fur apparel products within the city!  

  • With two Master's Degrees, including one in Architecture and Urban Planning, John D'Amico has over 20 years experience in large-scale project planning and management. 

  • John D'Amico is committed to keeping our neighborhoods safe and affordable for families of all kinds. 

  • John D'Amico understands the need to protect and expand our social services programs for Seniors and residents in need. 

  • Celebrating who we are everyday.  We don't have to be like them because we are already like us.

Welcome to ourWEHO !

I am honored to be your representative, your voice on the West Hollywood City Council.  This is our city and together we can make it whatever we want it to be.  So keep in touch, send me your thoughts at jdamico@weho.org or give me a call on my mobile 310.498.5783.


John D'Amico